Input syntax on the Prime


The input syntax of the prime allows to enter all types of datas (including quoted expression)and multiple items

here is an example :

LOCAL m1,m2,s:="Enter the matrix using the [ ] key";
IF INPUT({m1,m2},"Multiply matrix",{"Enter m1","Enter m2"},{s,s}) THEN

Another example:

INPUT(F1,"Enter a function between ' '")

And you get the function F1 in the Apps 'function'

Rev 5106 needed. The syntax is describe in the integrated help.However i was unable to use the 'default value' parameters... Next rev ?

Only the first parameter is needed (variable or list of variables), all others are optional

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Ah stock the function var in F1, OK.
I had the 4980 rev...

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I have an invalid error when I execute INPUT(F1);


I was perhaps 'brutal' here.

It seems to need that F1 is defined before because INPUT(VAR) recall the value of the VAR

INPUT (f);F1:=f;

seems better (not tested) and I've not verify in the APPS Function commands if there is something special (to check etc ...)

By the way, try INPUT M1 for example.

EDIT :just tested and seem OK

If you want "pseudo-typed" variable :

LOCAL a:=[[0,0],[0,0]];


LOCAL a:="";
INPUT(a,"Enter your name");

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Yes, I used an intermediate var and it works : INPUT(f); f>F1;



Rev 5106 needed. The syntax is describe in the integrated help.However i was unable to use the 'default value' parameters... Next rev ?

help is incorrect, it's not the default, but the reset value...
default value (ie, value presented at opening of the input) is the value held in the varaible at the time INPUT is called.

reset value, a parameter specified in the INPUT command is used when you press backspace or CLEAR.




Merci pour ces précisons !

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