Can a scratch in a keypad plate be fixed?


I have a 15C that has a small scratch (short but deeep, down to the metal) on the keypad plate just above a key, but not affecting the label. I'm inclinded to leave it alone, but I thought I'd ask if anyone has found a good way to touch up the black (a little brownish?) paint of the Voyager series keypad plate. Thanks in advance,




here was a time, before the so-called DataShow, that mankind used overhead projectors, right? Remember that kind of "definitive marker" people used to write on the transparent sheets?

I use both black and brown, thin brush. They leave a small, thin coat, but it is translucent enough to shade small scratches.

Did I describe it in an understanding way?

Hope so.



Take a look at a good art supply store -- they'll have fine point markers in a variety of shades. I bought a slate blue once for touching up my 48G It doesn't match exactly but is close enough to improve a workhorse (as opposed to a collectible).

For a 15C (certainly collectible!), you may wish to consider whether the "fix" may be worse than the problem . . . Also, if you could get another (maybe a 12C) to test the color on, that might help.



I believe the worst part is finding a flat-black marker, because the Voyager's keypad is painted tih flat colors (I believe most keypads are; the only one I know that's covered is the 41's keypad).

The marker I use is regular black, and retouched parts are easily idnetified (glossy). If I may, I'd suggest the following: try retouching and "breathe out" two, three times over the fresh ink and let it dry naturally. It will be a lot less glossy, and if you kake care not spreading the ink too much, it's gonna be almost invisible over the scratch. You should softly clean the surface (swab?) to remove the residual water after the ink dries out.

As Paul suggested, try in another calculator (new HP12C ara really a good choice, Paul) and refine the method.



Any hobby shop should have Testor's "Dullcote" matte enamel spray coating available, and art supply stores will have a matte fixative spray product. Either, applied by spray or brush, may help to even out the appearance of the finish.

(I've not tried this on a calculator, so DO test the color and coating combinations on a less-valuable article before applying them to your favorite!)



thank you, Paul, and forgive-me, Steve. We do not find these sort of art-finishing products around here (in my home town, I mean). Maybe in bigger citties, a bit far from here.

This is what I've done with my calculators when a small retouch is needed: use low-cost, ordinary products. As you mentioned before, if it's a collectible, special care must be taken! Mine are "on-the-road"...

Thank you. Now I have another suggestion to make.

Best regards.


Dear Luiz,
If you need art-finishing or model itens, please let me know. I just bought a Revell Contacta liquid glue, for repairing a 41cv, and have some Testors paint set (i´ve used black+green to fix scratches on a workhorse 20s).


Hi, Renato;

thank you! It's good info knowing you have access to this sort of retouching material. I'll call you (not today!) and ask for more info.

Thank you again. (anything about broken HP41's?)

Best regards.


I actually did use Testors Dull-cote on a mildewed HP-34C whose face was not vibrant, and probably made it look worse. I did remove the face, put several layers on, and sanded a bit, but it's tough to get the coat even.

The calc quit working anyway (mildew?), so I'll probably offer it cheap in MoHPC as a parts machine.


karl, plz drop me a line, if you are living in germany. i am in need of parts for a 34c.

cheers, hans

(remove the ".nospam" from my address)

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