[Video] HP Prime connected to StreamSmart


It works fine :) http://youtu.be/0a4TGL1zBco


Wow, so the streamsmart does exist... at least on video anyway. I hope HP (or whomever is in charge of streamsmart) will do a better marketing job in the US. And follow up with better availability, too.


Wow, so the streamsmart does exist...

Have you missed this thread?



Have you missed this thread?

It was sort of tongue-in-cheek in intent. It seems somewhat hard to actually find an outlet where you could buy one -- even an online outlet. I just googled 'HP Streamsmart' and the 4th link down takes you to shopping1.hp.com. First question is -- why is this not the first hit? Anyway, click on the buy options link and all you get is a generic ordering page. Really? In this day and age where you could buy just about anything by clicking and filling out a short form, we're still calling in orders?

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