Slowness on WP-34S


I've noticed that on my WP-34s, the STATUS command seems very slow. I do not believe it was that slow before, I'm pretty sure I would have noticed it. Nothing else seems that slow.

When I hit the "h Status", it takes about 2 seconds for the display to change. Hitting the up or down arrow while in the Status command also takes about 2 seconds to scroll the display.

My battery level shows as 3. I tried explicitly setting the mode to FAST but it did not make any difference.

I'm running 3436.

Turning off/on the calculator power does not make any difference. I have not tried a full reset or a reflash yet.


I don't know what happens on your device but it seems that the clock speed isn't properly changed when a key is pressed. Is it just SHOW or any function? What about a simple program? Do you have a crystal equipped device? If yes, is the clock still accurate?



Actually the SHOW function operates properly. Responds to up/down buttons right away. No apparent slowness.

It is just the STATUS function which is that slow, as far as I can tell. (Approx 2 seconds to respond to each key press)

Computational functions seem normal. 100! returns instantly.

I got to this point in this email and went to run a simple program. I got a strange error (code was approx 2500, I did not write it down). I went into programming mode and was not sure what I was looking at, so I got out of programming mode and did a GTO ..

And.... that seems to have reset everything. Not only was I then able to run the simple program after that, but the STATUS command now operates at fully speed. I had not reset or powered-off the calculator in any way.



Obviously at least one of the internal pointers was pointing nowhere. I've no idea what made that happen.

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