I've decided that I should really try to do better when it comes the the keyboard legends on my simulator since the basic X11 fonts don't really work that well. (Fixed width letters, no arrow heads, superscripts look wrong etc)

So I thought I'd try drawing the key legends using a bit mask instead, using a couple of bits per pixel, but when it comes to what to draw I'm no artist - does anyone have a font that includes all the 'special' characters I'd need that I could use as a starting point? The decimal point and comma in the 7 segment displays shown above took me about 5 hours to get to look 'right' which is rather slow going!

Thanks - Mike T.


You can copy from other simulators.



I assume you don't mind - I was hoping to find that someone had produced a scalable font that I could resize as needed, but I can't find one. I thought that there was one that had been used to produce some documentation at some point in the past, but my memory is proabably playing tricks on me again.

Mike T.

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