[HP-Prime] AMBIGUITY between Numerical Calculation (HOME) and Numerical/Symbolic Calculation (CAS mode)



HOME mode == ( Numerical Calculation ) => detects errors of the inputs // OK

CAS mode == ( Numerical/Symbolic Calculation ) => NO detects errors of the inputs? this causes confusion to students (anti-pedagogical)

Which one of you wants a CAS to operate in this way in teaching and learning mathematics?

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It's all a moot point. Neither this calculator, nor any calculator, will find its way into my math classroom.



sorry for the bad English

Question for hpMuseum forum users, teachers, programmers and other

Is logical that an entry in numerical mode (HOME), have different answer in mode numerical/symbolic (CAS)?

Thanks for your reply


Solution, the CAS validate all inputs with the rules of linear algebra and ready, no BUGs =) to whether simple as it does in the mode HOME

considerations, to avoid ambiguity HOME/CAS ...

0: not consider
[] * [] As a dot product, best use dotProd(a, b) command

or use the centered dot symbol // idea

[] . [] == dotProd(a, b)

1: [i, 1] consider it as 2 elementos vector and not as matrix (1 row , 2 columns) //HP48/50 =)

[[ i, 1 ]] // matrix


Request #0: display [ a; b; c ] on history like vertical or column vector, purpose pretty print or MathBook

Request #1: use |vector or matrix | as absolute value element to element, and not as vector norm

idea double symbol || as norm

|| vector or matrix || like MathBook

Request #2 new command (.= or .== ) for to compare element by element

( vector or matrix .= vector or matrix )

Request #3 use true/false (keyword current) logic value instead of 1/0, is more intuitive true/false for a beginner user, or by an flag enable output numeric or keyword

Request #4 use e. as an approximate value


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