My own page


Please visit my page. I'm building a site for HP-41, ...
Thanks for interest.


AWESOME! Keep up the good work


Thanks! ;o)


> AWESOME! Keep up the good work 

OK the cartoon is funny and the PANAME info is interesting,
but the link to the PANAME page is wrong (how many times must I repeat it: spaces in URLs are not allowed - just because the Micro$oft browser fixes the mistake, it doesn't make it OK).

How about some pictures of your collection? Some scans from the PANAME manual? etc.


Dear Vassilis,
I have a lot of things... too many according to my wife. There will no scan of the user's manual, too heavy. Each function will be available by clicking on each word.
Yours. Thanks.


you are doing great, Emmanuel. Congrats.

I know many people are probably asking for an English version, so I'll not ask for it. Anyway, will you allow me to suggest one small adding? About the PANAME module page, would it be too hard to include the XROM numbers for the available functions?

I'd make Dubois' words as mine: keep up the good work.

(Have you considered asking Dave Hicks to include a link to your page at MoHP's "Links to Other Sites"? Just a suggestion...)


Thanks, Luiz. There will be 3 langages:
French first, English and Spanish. And may be German.
Dave will certainly mention it.

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