HP-65 to kill...


In the 1976 movie 'l'ordinateur des pompes funebres', an insurance salesman plans the murder of his wife using an hp-65. I have never seen the movie and I could not find it for sale on VHS or DVD, new or used.

Does anyone know how to get this movie?

note: attached is a link to a picture from the movie where the HP-65 is used



I saw it many years ago and remember having fun watching it but it was probably late at night, I was young, watching and enjoying a lot of movies then :-)
It seems to be hard to find but may be available in VOD. Try here for instance:


But I guess you would need to create an account and so.


Some stills here.


Automated translation here.


--- Les




Thank you - I just checked their terms and conditions and the service is only available in the 'territory'= France :-(



Thank you - I just checked their terms and conditions and the service is only available in the 'territory'= France :-(

Hi Benoit, don't forget Namir's advices, but consider that the movie is available (I don't know the quality) even on a well-known peer-to-peer platform, I think it's a trailer or something like that, better than nothing if you need it just for a glance...........

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Good to know Benoit, I have not a 65 but I think my 67 could help me as well, the next time she 'll remind me to clean the kitcken!!!!

(this is one my duties in vacation time)

Now it's too late I've almost done, but the next time I'll consider it as a solution, altough I've some difficulties wondering how plug-in bullets (in place of the cards maybe......, isn't it?) =:)

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I remember seeing it on French television in 1978, on a Sunday afternoon in the lobby of a hotel in Limoges. It was quite by coincidence that I was sitting and watching TV. I was the only person who was interested in the movie (at least the usage of the HP-65).




Like every true fan of the HP-65 ;-), I do have the VHS of the movie, which I have digitalized. Contact me through this forum(click on my name and use the form) and we can certainly arrange something ...


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If you open the door of you house/aprtment one day and see that Jean-Louis Trintignant was ringing your doorbell, you may have some explaining to do!!!



PS: Unless Trintignant just happens to be your father, uncle, or a close family member.

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Hi Namir,

Don't worry, I was the guy who programmed the hp-65 for the movie, so I have included a backdoor in the program that let me control it in case of emergency ...




....an insurance salesman plans the murder of his wife using an hp-65.

Kind of reminds me of the time that the HP65 was "to die for" :-)


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