15C emulator interest?


A "SW" add in the classifieds asked if any 15 emulator was available. Not that I have even the meager beginnings, but sound like an interesting challenge. Would anyone be interested, or does the lack of 15 emulators and the large number of 48/49 and 41 emulators tell the story?



you probably know about it, but there are simulators for these: HP12C (some), HP16C (wrote by Mr. Cameron Paine, one of our contributors), HP11C (I saw a shareware once, I am almost sure I still have it) and I have a vage, vage memory of seeing or reading about an HP15C emulator.

The point is: I think it is very interesting, mostly if memory limits are expanded, say, a 99 X 99 matrix limit instead of 64 elements total.

The HP15C Advanced Functions Hnadbook has a lot of good information about accuracy and how numeric integration and SOLVE work. I tried some of the examples in the HP42S and, as expected, the 15 digit internal representation enhances accuracy, but still leave an unpleasant amount of error, smaller than the ones in the HP15C, but they exist.

I'm posting this because I believe an HP15C simulator running on a PC may have the precision enhanced (# of mantissa digits ) OR keep the original accuracy, so procedures on both simulator and calculator would result exactly the same.

Are you interested on going any further? I do not even know how to scracth a simulator, I'll be of no help for it, but I have been programming in C, C++, TCL/TK, Kylix (repeating examples so far) and I'm starting with Java (I'm begining to read a book about it). I'd like to go along with this.

Hope you keep posting whatever you are doing about this subject.



When I was a grad student in the mid-to-late 1990's, I remember trying out a Unix-based X-windows application called "xhpcalc" (I think). It displayed a 15C face, and one could click the virtual keys or use the numerical keypad.



even HP had at least a version of a voyager emulator.
I remember seeing it at the HP stand on one of the CeBIT fairs in Hannover, Germany, at least a decade ago.



I would DEFINITELY be interested! I just bought an Hp 15C, and I'm interested in 'hacking' it. BTW: You CAN create a larger matrix than 6x6, through a trick given here:
Pretty neat trick! I'd like to know more about how to create instructions and what-not, so an emulator would definitely help!


Years ago I started writing an HP-15C simulator in Tcl/Tk
which I have now finished (almost). Matrices and complex
numbers are not yet supported. An HTML documentation is also available.

I am sure it still needs some testing; it has been tested
on UNIX/Linux and Windows NT4/2000/XP. So I am especially
interrested in people working on Mac systems and Windows 95ff.

Everybody who is interrested in testing may send me an email.


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