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First: I didn't need a computer with a serial port -- I had an old Kensington dock with one built in. So I borrowed a Windows laptop from work, got that serial port working, and finally flashed my 30b with MySamba.

My question now is -- since I plan to return this laptop tomorrow -- is it in my best interests to install r3436 (which appears, upon exploration of the trunk directory at the sourceforge site, to be the most recent available), or stick with r3375?




I would use 3436 as it fixes several bugs reported since 3375.

I personally know of two bugs that were fixed (Because I reported them).

1. Complex Hyperbolic Tangent was erroneously converting the imaginary part into radians before calculation. (It should have assumed radians).

2. The factorial of -1 was showing (- Infinity) as a result instead
of "Domain Error"

I don't know of any reason to stick with the older version.

Also grab the latest emulator from here. The emulator was at 3438 last time I checked and fixes a few
emulator specific bugs as well.

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I concur. Generally, we strive for curing SW errors instead of introducing new ones ;-) Thus, newer builds are most probably better than older ones (we had some exceptions admittedly - but a long time ago). So take the newest integration build you find on SourceForge for flashing - you won't be disappointed.


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