HP 41 C connect to a PC



It is possible to connect a HP 41C to a normaly PC without (!!) a HP-IL?

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Yes, all is possible.
I read somewhere in a PPC Journal of Corvallis that someone built an interface for Apple II. You wrote HEX program codes on it and they were sent through this interface and read by HP-41 via optical wand.
Jean-Pierre Magnan wrote MCode routines in order to get HP-41 'beeps' on PC via sound card and microphone.
I have an IR/RS232c built by Hook-µp that turns your PC into a printer. HP-41 has an HP82242A IR module.


My LIF Untilites for Linux distribution contains scheamtics and software for an interface between a parallel printer port and an HP41 barcode wand (which you have to modify by soldering an opto-isolator to 2 of the wires between the wand and the HP41 module).
The interface takes care of all the timing of the 'barcode' data, so this should work with any machinewith a parallel port. There's software for luinux to transfer HP41 programs and data files (but only 'normal' numbers and text strings), provided as C source code. It shouldn't be too hard to port it.


Scotch-tape it. But is that your intetion? What do you try to do?



Best solution for HP-41/PC Interfacing is working with HP-IL ! The needed IL-Module is easy available on ebay for low prices, and by using HP-IL your HP-41 works as powerfully system controller - you will get much new applications.

Furthermore you need an IL-RS232 interface box plus the Linux software from Tony Duell - or the HP-IL/Interface Card plus belonging software (the last solution is available from me).

Some surprising news about HP-41 /PC interfacing would be published in the now comming HPCC Datafile Journal and later in HP-Museum...

Best wishes from Germany - Christoph

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