nylon gear on printer drive


Paper advance does not work.Several teeth are missing. Is it possible to replace ?


Should have said nylon gear on HP 97 printer drive


This occurs when power is applied w/o battery installed... (maybe other causes but his is common). I have searched for replacement gears with no luck. Sorry I can't be of more help....



I have a catalog - actually a complete encyclopedia of design - of standard, small plastic gears, pulleys, belts, etc. Since I'm at work and the info's at home I'll post the name tomorrow. Theres a good chance that the gear is a standard item and you can buy it - I hope HP didn't design something special just for the application.



To all, Sorry for the late post, the router was down ... neither rain nor snow will keep us from our appointed rounds OOPS! that a reliable service which doesn't "go down" or "need updated."

Anyway, the group to contact is Stock Drive Products (800)345-1144. You can either order a catalog, find a local distributor, or see if someone at this site knows which parts are standardized components.



Joe P Thank you for your help . I will try that number.



I've already drive Stock Drive Componets and a bunch of other gear places. I haven't been able to find the right size gear anywhere. The ONLY gear that I found that was the right size was a mil-spec gear that had another larger gear built into it on one end. It MIGHT be possible to machine them apart and get the small gear but the original gear was about $35. It also had too large a hole in the bore so it would have to be bushed. If anyone finds the right size gear let me know, I have a bunch of 97s that need them.

Joe Rigdon

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