1.2V NiCd for HP-41?


Does anybody know if I can also use 1.2V NiCd disposable batteries instead of the recommended 1.5V Alkaline batteries for the HP-41? I currently do not have a rechargable battery pack :-(


Dear Jürgen,
Good idea!
I use 4 Sanyo Cadnica N-150N 1.2V 150mAh
If you want to replace batteries inside a pack,
please use Sanyo Cadnica N-50 AAA.
Good luck!

Yes nicads work fine, so do NiMH cells if you can find them. HP once sold a nicad kit for the machine.


Sure, NiCads work just fine. That's what's in the rechargeable pack.


Emmanuel, David, Mike:
Thanks for your advice. Just wasn't sure if 4.8V is enough for the 41. Don't know much about electricity and was confused that Alkaline batteries are 1.5V, but NiCd/NiMH batteries are 1.2V. And, of course, I didn't want to misfeed my calc.


I am using NiCd Cells 1.2V/150mA, for over 20 years. One 'Quartet' (manufacturer: Varta) is still working for 23 years in my 41-CV. No corrosion at all. But I have used another 'Quartet' (manufacturer: Panasonic) that showed leakage and began to produce corrosion after using them 5 years. Since I made this experience I only use Varta NiCds for my 41-CV. I actually have 2 'Quartets' in use.
Best resgards, Andreas

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