HP-10Bii's for sale cheap


I don't know what it means, but a local large retailer has a peg filled with "Mint NIB" HP-10Bii's marked down to $13.00 from $30.00

If anybody wants one or more of these at this price plus postage, let me know. I'd be happy to pick up some of these on my next trip through town.




Maybe, just maybe, this is the sign of the arrival of the announced (and so expected) two new financial models HP promised in London's meeting. At least for me, the HP9G and HP9S are not the ones...


(Hey, Dan; have you been reading my posts about 9114B? Any comments? Best regards.)


I read here and there since a lot of months tha HP won't release anymore calculator and they stop recherch; i read here that they will show 2 new scientific calculators and now it is another 2 business one? Did "they" change their mind and still "built" new models?


I'm not sure, but they might have begun outsourcing other manufacturers to design/build calculators for them...



For THEM??? Usually it's FROM them no ;-(


At the HPCC conference in London, Fred Valdez, who is now in charge of HP's calculator product line, stated that HP now sub-contract the design as well as the manufacturing on their calculators. HP now just define what features a new calculator should have, and then get their outsourced design company to design it, as well as produce it. From its peak of several hundred staff in the 1980s, HP's calculator 'division' now employs fewer than 20 people, and, as far as I am aware, none of them are R&D staff. I'd be pleased to be corrected on this point.

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