HP1000CX Usr Mnl


Is the HP1000CX Users' Manual somewhere online? As PDF??




Hi Mike,

I don't know if it's online somewhere,
but you won't miss much.

The manual (F1203-90001) is a relatively thin white paperback,
not like the LX manuals: no front picture, etc...

All features of the 1000CX are handled through the
built-in setup program.




Hi Raymond!

I know (see http://www.hp-collection.org/Rechner/hp-1000cx.htm), but I'm just curious if there are some hints
about IR. I don't like LapLink and with InterLink I have to use loooong cables to go a short way :-( To connect my 200LX to the PC I prefere IR, at least for small files.


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