Building WP 34s emulator on Linux


I'd like to package the 34s emulator for Fedora Linux. Are there instructions for building the 34s emulator on Linux? Is there a source tarball usable for that, or does it have to be pulled from the Subversion repository?

It looks like the Makefile tries to default to building the "emulator", but when I do a make it only does two compiles, does a cd into Linux64, archives a bunch of const_xxx.o files into libconsts.a, and then fails with the message:

make: *** No rule to make target `commands.c', needed by `Linux64/compile_cats'.

Do I need to change some variables in the Makefile or something?



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It has to be pulled from the subversion repository and then you should read the various README files in QtGui.
Also, you should run make from this directory, not the top level.

It compiles seamlessly on Ubuntu 32 & 64 bits.


Thanks for the assistance! That makes perfect sense, but it wasn't obvious to me. Might be handy to explain that in a README at the top.


You were trying to run the generic makefile I'm using to build the real firmware or a command line emulator for Pauli's debugging purposes.

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