50 HP-12C - only $3150.00 on ebay :P


...and free shipping.


Perfect for that holiday season.

--Tony David


This looks like only 10% off list, and they MUST be the new Chinese ones. This doesn't look like any kind of deal at all (and I suspect I'm not the only one drawing this conclusion, as there are no bids for it so far...).


Selling at $63.00 per unit.

Av. eBay selling price for last 30 units has been $64.04 !!
Seems like a lot of effort to make $1 per unit, IF the price holds.

Hasn't everyone who wants one already got a 12C ??
I have an old one in A1 condition, but are the new Chinese ones as good on quality and keyboard feel?


I have one s/n CN1250xxxx. Dad also has one made in sept,1981 ....and he's laughing about mine.

Means it all,

Pyerre :-(


Tell me more about the differences in quality and keyboard feel?

Do you agreee with your dad?
My only experience of old and new was with 10B calcs and I didn't like the new one... keys didn't have a nice positive click and the finish on the bezel was poor, also the colour of the key markings was yuk!



Talking about mine :

- The blue labels printed on the keys were dark and
are almost illegible because they're painted on a dull surface not sharply stood out on the shiny surface like on the older units.
- The bezel does not have the same rich black color.
- The keys had none of the snappy feel like on dad's 12C
and give multiple inputs for the same keystroke.
- The body is not really aligned on the table surface and it
rocks while hitting fingers on it.

I don't know how to explain it well in a good english way but my new HP-12C turns out to be such a $50 sorry piece of work.

He's still laughing about me & got my 10C that pleased him too. Sniff!



I agree with everything you say!

It aligns exactly with my experience of the newer 10B, so I found an older 10B and bought that...much better!

So I suggest you look out for an older 12C and invest, you can sell seel your new one.



Have you ever seen & got in touch with the new HP-10BII ?
Our 10B & 12C still be far better than those.
Great consolations anyway.

IMHO though !




sorry to invade in your conversation;-)

I've (amongst many others) a 10BII.
My experiences in short:

It looks what it is: cheap (only the price is too high).

The front finish only looks somewhat nice if you view it at a specific angle; from all other views you'll see the waves on the surface of the housing.
The keyboard legend colors could have been more ergonomic,
but that's a problem with *all* ACO calculators, the designers are simply color-blind (Reference: 32II,49G...)

The 10BII keys have tactile feedback,
more than you would want to.
It makes a loud 'knack' when you press a key,
and you have to press the key with heavy force.
The force needed to press a key is comparable to that needed on a brand new HP-34C,
which is very much compared to the HP-41's keys.

However, the 10BII occasionally looses key strokes,
and sometimes displays more digits than I have entered...

The best (joke) of it all:
The housing edges are surrounded by a rubber frame,
so the calc won't slide off your hands.
The back case of the 10BII is nearly plane,
and the battery door looks some parts of a millimeter out the plane, and the very small (like hamster shit) rubber feet don't even have contact to the desk surface due to that outstanding batt door!

Conclusion: The calc is full of rubber, but vanishes if you try to use it on a desk. Good to have a litter can nearby.

The 10BII is the worst HP/ACO calc,
the 6S, 9g, 9s don't count here, because they're only
relabelled calcs from other brands.



(Sorry for my bad english, I'm just somewhat tired)



Too much expensive ($49.99 CAD + taxes) for a such poor quality calculator made (by HP?).
Got one too and then sent it back to store for the full credit.


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