Thanks -- HP-41 Card Reader Saved!


Thanks to Tony Duell, Steve and Luiz Claudio for their help in getting my card reader fixed - saved from oblivion...

I had a lot of fiddly fun fixing it but couldn't have done it without their help and spare parts.

It's all thanks to the contacts made in this forum.



What was the final solution to the problem?


IIRC, one winding of the head was open-circuit.


Yes, it was an open circuit winding in the head.

Hard to imagine why it should go o/c when the unit had never been opened. Is this a common problem?

The unit I repaired was Ser. No. 2051S45265

The unit used for spares was Ser. no. 2058S45914

I noticed that the repaired unit had some mods with wire links to the circuit board and the spares unit had a new design of board with fewer components and no wire links, so the design was cleaned up between these dates.

Also the potting compund used in the head was different in the newer spares unit, it is black.

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