Another non-HP RPN vintage calculator joins the collection


This time it's the German Privileg PR55NC, that uses the same chipset as the Novus 4525 Scientist PR. Whereas the keyboard on the Novus is horrible, the one on the Privileg is excellent. Also, whereas the Novus uses hardwired internal NiCd AA battery cells, the Privileg accepts any type of AA cells. The Privileg PR55NC is one of only two RPN calculators they ever made, the other being the SR54NC, based on the Mostek chipset. More information can be found on DB's website

Photo below courtesy of DB's website:

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Very cool!


Another company which passed away some years ago. I remember having seen their calculators when window shopping in the Seventies - though I don't remember how good that "fine keyboard" really was. Any information?


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