HP 11C


A friend of mine has a HP 11c that displays "ERROR 4" when turned on. Does anyone know what this means and how to fix it?


Does your friend have a manual for his 11C?
If yes, he should look there first (RTFM),
otherwise here's an excerpt of it.

The 11C manual says:

Error 4: Improper Line Number or Label Call.
Line number called for is currently unoccupied, or nonexistent (>203), attempt to load more than 203 lines of program memory, or label called does not exist.

Or in other words: Clear that buggy program...



Thanks for the tip! I'll pass it along to him and let you know how it turns out.



I'm sorry to ask, but does the ERROR 4 appears instantly? Say, at the very moment he turns the calculator ON? Or he turns the calculator ON and try to run a program, say, press [A] key with USER active?

As you told it's a friend of yours, maybe you'll have to ask him about this. Also, Raymond's tip is the best one: purge the program out.

I am asking for this because I had in mind that the only message that appears in a Voyager when it is turned on is Pr Error. I'm curious about it... I have an HP11C and I have never seen such behaviour.



Maybe it is a stuck key. IF user mode is on AND a label key is stuck this WILL happen, IF there is not a label corresponding to the stuck label key. You can try clearing memory with ON - (Turn off, hold minus key, turn on, release minus key), then run a keyboard test (turn off, hold divide key, turn on, release divide key, press each key starting from top left). Anyway, if the key is stuck, this will not correct the problem, but at least you will know what the problem is.


I have not heard from my friend with the 11c to see if it is fixed. I will update ya'll when I hear from him. Thank all of you for the responce. This is a great web site!


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