How to back up all of HP48SX - Dave


Hi Dave, I tried to back up all of my HP48SX to computer :0:A Enter [ARCHIVE] and I get ARCHIVE Error:

Bad Argument Type. Do you know what's wrong? Thank you very much. Best regards, Tal. email:


:IO:name example from manual :IO:AUG1 with AUG1 as the file for the PC.

Hope this helps



Tal, I consulted the HP48G Advanced User's Reference Manual.

Archive to a port using the port number (SX:0,1,2) (GX: 0 to 33) as follows:

:n: name n = number of port - from above

ENTER to stack


If you archive to a PC, specify IO instead of a number:

:IO: name IO directs to serial port

ENTER to stack


BUT - make sure system flag -33 is clear, directing IO to the serial port.

Since you need to get it all back - RESTORE. This is less automatic. To restore:

name SEND command on PC, using name of archive file

RECV on HP48

wait for transfer, then,

'name' RCL tick object name and recall


I hope this is correct and solves your problem. If not, double check your IOPAR setting is the HOME directory, making sure these setting match your PC.


PS: With all your HP48 postings at this site, do you have a hobby???? (just kidding)

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