HP-Prime exponents display


This youtube video from the hp-prime facebook page seems to have normal looking exponents, at least in the graphing app: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VPlbZSC_jt0


Thanks. This looks like a really nice machine and the exponents do indeed look normal now.


That is the square function (a superscript character). It has always looked like that.


Does that mean all the other exponents still look "peculiar"?


Previously, the baseline was a 1 line height raise upon first implementation. It is now a 3/5 line height raise - so no.

Edited: 19 July 2013, 11:11 a.m.


Why not write a dot product "." rather than a star "*" ?


I actually prefer the "*" character, it has better legibility.


I actually prefer the "*" character, it has better legibility.

Not in my opinion... In textbook style the normal dot product is better... expression are more easy to read. Ti Casio have better math font... Have you ever see a "*" product in mathematical book in general expression ?

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