71b 41 translator has Forth?


The following auction (http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=11713&item=1942200049) claims that the 41 translator ROM for the 71b contains Forth and the Assembler.

Is this true?



Well, yes the 82490A HP41 Translator ROM does contain FORTH becasue the emulation is based on FORTH. It also contains an editor. Both FORTH and the editor are accessible with the Translator ROM. However, the FORTH system in the Translator ROM is not identical to the FORTH/Assembler ROM. The Translator ROM does NOT contain the Assembler. According to the Translator Manual on page 74, "The HP-41 Translator Pac does not contain an assembler, but its built-in word set contains additional floating-point words and other HP-41 words not found in the FORTH/Assembler ROM."

So, unless the ROM listed is a modified version of the 82490A, it doesn't support Assembler.


So is it possible to have both the 41 translator ROM and the FORTH/ASSEMBLER ROM plugged in at the same time?

What happens when you type "FORTH" ?




No, they will not coexist. In fact the manual says, "Never install the HP 82490A HP-41 Translator Pac module and the HP 82441A FORTH/Assembler ROM Module into the HP-71 at the same time. The presence of both modules can cause the system to operate incorrectly."

If you have either module in the HP71 and you type FORTH, you will be in the FORTH system and have access to all FORTH commands.


A small addition:

The 82490A and the 82441A can't coexist in the same machine at the same time because they both have a portion of ROM which uses the same fixed address range.



So, what happens if you plug in the 41 translator rom, type "forth" and then "bye" so the FORTHRAM file is created in ram. Then remove the 41 translator rom and plug in the forth/assembler rom?

Will the FORTHRAM file created by the 41 translator rom have the forth words needed to run the 41 emulator but now using the forth/assembler rom?


The Assembler ROM creates and uses a file called FORTHRAM (2947 bytes),
whereas the Translator ROM creates and uses a file called FTH41RAM (1114 bytes).

Does this answer your question?


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