EMU71 on a web page!


Hello Everyone,

Check this out.


Be sure to have the LATEST browser, eg Firefox 22, Chrome 28 (Safari fails). Chrome on mobiles also works (although not for my ipad, dont know why yet).

NB: An early demo with rough edges. Also due to ROM issues, the page might disappear soonish :-)


Hello Everyone,

Check this out.


Excellent. Thanks.

NB: An early demo with rough edges. Also due to ROM issues, the page might disappear soonish :-)

Has anybody here been called out for a ROM for one of these oldies? I can see perhaps the 15C due to the reissue.


Hi Egan,

I don't know what the official line is on 71B roms. AFAIK, emu71 doesn't ship with them by default. However, there are 71B mobile apps that, presumably, have the roms built in.

Then again, if it's a web page, are you technically shipping the roms or not. Certainly, the rom data isnt in a consumer usable form. i dont know.

For those interested, the EMU71 emulator has been transcompiled from C into asm.js javascript. In principle, all our emulators could be converted into web apps. Those apps could also do a lot more than im doing here - which is only the very basics.

It's an interesting idea.




Thank you Hugh!

Shifted-ON acts like shifted-A...


Thank you Hugh!

Shifted-ON acts like shifted-A...

Yes Massimo it's the first thing I 've noticed while turning it off....there is still something to fix, maybe

It seems working well with Firefox 22, thank you.


Nope, Shift-ON issue is present on Firefox 22.0 as well.



g-ON = a

This looks very much as if ON is misinterpreted after one of the shift keys is pressed.

BTW, where are the shift annunciators?


BTW, where are the shift annunciators?




There are problems with key mappings. annoyingly, javascript keycodes are different and also vary in different browsers. why this is after all these years?

Anyhow, pressing F then ON with the mouse will send those exact keystrokes to the emulator. Its a mystery why this performs CALL. Of course, it could be an emulator bug, or possibly to do with power down, since normally the calculator would not be ON at this point.

Annunciators, yes indeed. the text is done by simply scanning the display memory, but of course the annunciators are hard wired on the screen. If i get around to it, i could make little drawings for them and have them show.

thanks for your comments,


Cool emulator ... too bad it cannot load or save programs. Also too bad you cannot add ROMs.



That would actually be quite easy to do. i'd just just have to put some UI to facilitate it.

The harder thing is to save/load programs to your local machine. Although, in theory this could be implemented.


Good to know that it would be easy to add ROMS ... as for writing and reading files to local machines, they have been discouraged by web apps from the start.

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