program print in wp34s


[print]PROG called directly from catalog prints R/S command as "RUN".
I think it is a mistake, it should look as "STOP".
I traced it to function prt_niladic in file prt.c:

const char *p = niladics[idx].nname;
const char *p = (idx == OP_RS && ! Running && ! XromRunning && State2.runmode) ? "RUN" : niladics[idx].nname;

I cannot imagine situation when I would want to see R/S opcode as "RUN", but somebody went to trouble of putting this special case together, so I am obviously missing something. What am I missing?


No idea here. The change was originally revision 2932 and later slightly modified with 2982. I certainly don't remember the reasoning behind this one.



I know the reason. :-)

It has to do with tracing the R/S key or showing the function name in the display before NULL is shown. I obviously missed this one when I added program printing.


Why would you want to show it as RUN? It looks like "STOP" when viewing the program. And executing it in single step mode does not actually start the execution (as is mu interpretation of word "run")


RUN is the proper "press and hold" command name, STOP the proper program code.


RUN is the proper "press and hold" command name

I do not understand this. Could you please explain?
What exactly is "run" when I press and hold?


A key can be held down and will show the command name as long as the key is down. The name will be replaced by NULL if held down too long. The behavior was copied from the 41C. Holding down R/S should display RUN.


Ah, now I get it. I misinterpreted what press and hold means.

In this case there is another bug: when you press and hold down arrow while tracing program, R/S opcode displays as RUN, when it would probably be less confusing if it displayed STOP, same as opcode display.


Can you check the display again? I've changed the behavior such that STOP is displayed always, except for holding down the R/S key which is shown as RUN.


I checked it with emulator, seems to work. Flashing the real thing is kind of involved for me and I need a custom build, so I will have to do it later.

I will try to trick it -- hold r/s while it is printing. I checked that holding r/s does not interrupt printing, but you cannot do this on emulator -- keyboard is blocked while it executes command.


On the device, R/S or ON should interrupt printing. Have you checked it? It might be that the emulator is different.


Marcus, I checked it on a device. I started printing program from the menu, immediately pressed r/s and kept holding it while it printed. It printed entire program (about 20 lines) to the end with me holding the r/s all this time. It was uncorrected firmware, so all stops in the code showed up as "RUN", but, obviously, it does not mean anything. Printing could have been completed in the fraction of a second before I hit r/s, and the printer could have been printing from the buffer, but i doubt that. I think I have set a half a second delay between lines.

Emulator, on the other hand, does not allow key press at all: once you start program print, and then click on r/s, the click will not register. Or at least, it does not look like it, button does not change appearance as it usually does upon click.

BTW, on the hp-42s press-and-hold for r/s shows the program line where the program pointer is, not "RUN". I checked it with free42 emulator, but manual says same thing.


Have you tried holding down ON instead to stop the listing?

BTW, on the hp-42s press-and-hold for r/s shows the program line where the program pointer is, not "RUN".

That's worth considering on the 34S.


Finally got to build and flash updated software. STOP prints as it should. Could not trick it by printing while holding R/S -- still prints STOP.

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