WP-34S: Bug with STOS command


I have a stack size of 8. I create a function and allocate 8 local registers in it. When I do a STOS to those local registers, the function will not return. For example the following code does not work. It goes into an infinite loop in BBB. If I change the LocR from 8 to 9 then everything works OK.

STO 00

LocR 008
STOS .00


Looks like a bug. Thanks for reporting. We'll look into it.



Yes, the same bug for SSIZE4 and LocR 004.

It seems that the STOS command destroys the program stack pointer if the number of local registers equals the stacksize.

Single-stepping through the program shows that the RTN command in the 'BBB' subroutine resets the program stack pointer to zero (BEG in the display), so the program 'AAA' restarts again.



Thanks for the analysis so far. I'll check it out. Since this happens in the emulator too it should be easy to debug.


The issue should be fixed now. It was a single vs double precision bug in STOS and RCLS. It was not specifically related to local registers.


Yes, it's working again - thanks for the quick fix!


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