WP-34S: # constant in exponent


In debugging a program, I found that I had used:

# nn

It did not do what I expected. Is there a specific reason why # constants cannot be used for exponents, or did it just not make it into the design?


I can guess why, but that question goes to Pauli.




the #nnn shortcut enters an integer and quits digit entry before and after the command. Thus it cannot be combined with regular digit entry. So the sequence...

...does not return 1E123. Instead, it enters two different values: "1 EEX" equals 1 and #123 is, well, 123. So you will end up with 1 in Y and 123 in X. That's the way it is supposed to work. And it is consistent, since you cannot use...
...to enter 1234 either. Or even think of this one:
Of course this will not produce a six-digit integer like 123456. ;-)

By the way, your example can simply be coded as

SDR nn
That's even shorter.



Dieter got it right.

Consider EEX [pi]. What should this do?

The # nnn commands are constants. They terminate command line input and raise the stack usually. The are not an extension of keyboard digit input.

- Pauli

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