WP-34S QT emulator bug: real menus for catalogs


I like using the QT emulator for the debug display. I also like the option that lets me use real menus for catalogs. However there is a difference in behavior that keeps burning me.

On the real calculator, I am in the habit of hitting <-- to close a catalog without selecting anything. On the QT emulator, if you use the option to use real menus for catalogs, hitting the <-- to get rid of the catalog will actually do a delete. So, if you are in programming mode, it will delete the last step. I understand that you can get rid of the menu a different way, but the habit of doing it one way on the real calculator and having that way behave destructively in the emulator is frustrating.


Can you tell me:

- which platform you are using? Windows, OSX or Linux?
- are you using the last version of the Qt Emulator?
- if <-- is indeed backspace usually found on top of "Return"?

Because I cannot reproduce the problem on OSX nor on Windows.


I'm running on windows and redowlnloaded a new version this morning. I did not mean backspace on the keyboard - I meant the back arrow button on the calculator.


Ok. Looks like one of those "Windows only" bug. I should fix it in the next few days.


Thank you Pascal. One quick question - I have a feature I'd like to see and I thought I would ask if it is on your roadmap, or if you thought it would be particularly hard to do (I haven't looked at the code yet).

I would like the debugger to show the local registers as well. Ideally it would show how many are allocated and their values.


No, my roadmap is to finish the next (and final) iOS version and then probably to implement the Android version.

I'm considering improving the Qt emulators with ideas like yours and Marcus has some good ones too but I do not know if I'll find the time.

I've already spent many hours writing stopwatch, the Qt emulators, flashing programs and printer emulators, the iOS version and I would like to move to something else.


There is one other bug that I have run into. Since the debugger does not show the local registers, I tried using the View command. It does not work properly - it simply clears the display, regardless whether you try viewing a global register or a local one.


I'll have a look as soon as I can, probably next week.


I have checked the <-- problem and this is normal behavior: in Windows, when a menu is open, either a popup or from the menubar, clicking on an active part of the window below is taken into account. This can be easily reproduced with Internet Explorer for instance.
So nothing I can do here.

But I've fixed the VIEW problem which occured only when using real fonts and uploaded new emulators.

I had a look at displaying local registers in the debugger and it could be done but because the display and the calculator run in 2 different threads, there is a race condition to take into account. Too much work right now.

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