RPN on Windows


Does someone know a program to simulate a RPN-Calculator on Window-PC (to use it instead of the stupid standard-algebraic), freeware, shareware, anyware ?
Thanks for reply


There are simulators in the Museum "simulators" page, also take a look at TTCalc and to ev41.


It is an advantage to be able to read !
Thank you


Hallo Peter :
If you are looking for a HP-41 emulation take the V41 from Warren Furlow or the EMU41 from Jean-Francois Garnier. Last is a DOS applikation but includes much surprising and advanced features...

Best wishes from Germany


Check out Calc98 at http://www.calculator.org/.

It's free, has an RPN mode, and runs on most versions of Windows, even has a version for your PocketPC.

(The roman numerals mode is interesting)

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