HP-35 Question


How many "red dot" models were made? What is the earliest serial number known for the type 2?
Thanks in advance.


According to W. A. C. Mier-Jedrzejowicz's excellent "A Guide to HP Handheld Calculators and Computers":

"...The first batches were made for use inside HP only - they have an (hp) logo printed inside the battery compartment. The serial number is printed on the back, between the two lower rubber feet, it is 1143A followed by the unit number stamped into the label in letters 1mm high. A batch of nearly identical HP-35s was made for a customer company who placed an order for them. Then the first HP-35s for general sale were made, still nearly the same, but with the unit number stamped in 3mm high digits. I believe only about 10,000 of these "HP-35" with a hole were made...."
"Once it became clear that the HP-35 was far more popular than had been expected, production was increased and a new design, without the hole by the on/off switch, and with the serial number inside the battery compartment, came into use. The first ones of this design still had serial numbers beginning with 1143A. The next set of serial numbers began with 1230A...."

So the earliest serial number of the type 2 would be approximately 1143A10001 if Mr. Mier-Jedrzejowicz is correct.


I have seen around 10 red dot machines... the highest serial number being around 4700.


I've got a 1143A049XX, which is NOT a red dot, so I'm thinking maybe 4800-4900 red dots were made...

The serial # is 1 millimeter high, and not 3 millimeters.

Does anyone have a red dot with serial # higher than 04900?

By the way, this version 2 HP-35 has the serial number between the lower rubber feet. I wonder if this was a red dot, which had the upper case replaced at some point (without the hole)...or if some version 2's were made this way...


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