HP-16C simulator



I've found a website with a Javascript HP-16C simulator:


Unfortunately I have a problem with this simulator: none of the 4 keys HEX/DEC/OCT/BIN seems to work, it just gives me a "Script error",

so I can't switch between these 4 modes. :-(

Does this work for anyone else?

Maybe there's a bug in the Javascript program, or if it's only me then maybe my browser (or Javascript) is not ok.

BTW, there are also 2 other simulators for the HP-11C and the HP-12C, and those 2 are working fine:




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They don't work for me either, in three different browsers. Nor do they work inside a program.


I experience similar problems here (with Firefox). Those four keys, however, work flawlessly in programming mode. And also a floating point square root is easily executed. Looks like an interface programming bug to me.



Those four keys, however, work flawlessly in programming mode.

Oops, how (or where) do you run this simulator in 'programming mode'???



Oops, how (or where) do you run this simulator in 'programming mode'???

Just press g P/R ...



I tried with Chrome, Safari & Firefox (OSX) and they worked fine.

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I tried with Chrome, Safari & Firefox (OSX) and they worked fine.

Yes, _now_ it is working!

I've informed the author on his blog and he has immediately fixed it. :-)



Thanks for this information. It makes me want a real HP-16C...



Get a 34S instead. It has an even more fully featured integer mode. It also has a more capable display. It is also a lot cheaper.

- Pauli


Now after also the HP-16C is working, I've compiled those 3 HP-simulators 11C/12C/16C to small and easy to use CHM-files, and I've also included 3 short QuickReference PDFs.

Edit: Link removed because of possible copyright issues!

You can download the complete 3 websites with the HP-11C/12C/16C simulators yourself from the following link:



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DO NOT TRY TO ACCESS THE ABOVE FILE (unless/until it is moved to a safer download source).

I tried to download this file, but the link brought me to some download service page "Spaddyshare", which then triggered my antivirus to intervene, preventing a malicious injection attack coming from the website. I repeated the prcoess to be sure.



That's nonsense, I've up- and downloaded hundreds of files to Spaadyshare without any problems!



I'm just reporting what happened to me, and warning others to avoid it in case. Why would you call a serious warning nonsense? Maybe it's sometimes safe, but I definitely had this happen, and the responsible thing to do is tell other people.

I would like to see this file, and likely others do as well, so I suggest/request you post it again from a safe source.



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