30b/34s interfacing?


I'm looking to do my own mods to the WP 34s software, but I'm struggling finding info on how to get an interface cable setup - are there any available, or does someone have an extra that they might sell me? Or, any pointers?

Thanks a lot,


Gene might still have some HP flash cables. And I have USB conversion boards. Have a look at the manual or this document document for further details.


I was about to ask the same question. I'm in NYC, if anyone who has one will simply let me borrow it, but doesn't want to trust me with it for more than a few hours. I'll print you something on my Ultimaker 3D printer as a thank-you.

Also, which is preferable, the 20B or the 30B? I have both, I have to decide which one to sacrifice first :)


Cable is $8 shipped to a US address, $16 overseas.


... which is preferable, the 20B or the 30B? I have both, I have to decide which one to sacrifice first :)

Depends on your self-confidence ;-) IMHO, the 30b is significantly more rewarding due to its superior keyboard. Be sure to check App. H of the manual. Enjoy!



Please look at App. A of the manual.


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