EMU71 to go71b--is there a way?


Since acquiring an Android tablet I have discovered Olivier's excellent emulator, and the world of HP71B computing in general. I need some help with what should be a straightforward task: Creating HP71 BASIC programs in the appropriate raw format and then importing them into go71b.

With HP41-based emulators and simulators, this has proved relatively easy for me. hp41uc.exe readily turns text listings of FOCAL code into RAW for easy use by V41, Free42, and go41cxt. The same utility easily produces barcode PDFs for printing and wanding, and I later learned to compile individual-program LIFs for importation directly into the calc using the excellent HP-IL/PILBox interface.

I am assuming that in the HP71 world I can enter and test my text listings in EMU71, save them internally (I know already how to do that with EDIT and COPY commands, etc.), then export them to emulated mass storage once I figure out how HP71 HP-IL works. But I am stuck about what to do from there. Do I use something like hpdir.exe to extract the program files I want from the HDRIVE.DAT file? Are such files readable by go71b? Or is there an easier way to turn ASCII basic listings directly?

Any help offered would be gratefully received. I must admit my Googling hasn't proved too fruitful as I am not clear how to best frame the question.




Actually, this is from the archives and seems to have some relevant help for getting text listings INTO emu71:

Namir asks a related question in 2006

Still researching and working it through myself, but input from others to shorten the process always appreciated.



To paste text to keystroke:

Put a zzz.txt file in 'go71b/prints', use 'config/print' then 'import'. To choose a file to paste use 'paste' from menu, choose the file, back to emulator, wait :)

You can also use raw files (extract them from an HP lif disk image) see


PS raw lif format is the same for HP87, 75, 71 and 41 : see



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Olivier, doing it right in go71b is exactly what I need, though I will play with emu71 and use hpdir to extract lif images from the HDRiVE1.DAT file as I learn more.

Thank you so much.



Olivier, I can't seem to make that work.

I wrote a simple two line "Hello World" program in TextEdit on my Mac (I keep it in plain text), transfer to tablet, import, paste, and wait as you say, and still nothing appears in my emulator memory.

Any ideas as to where this goes wrong? Are only certain kinds of plain text encodings allowed? Will Windows Notepad be better?



Use textwrangler on mac as textedit use 16 bits encoding which is not supported on go71b.

You can use Jota+ (great texteditor) on your android device, this one should work (I just tested 5 minutes ago)

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Got it! I have to use an emulator mode that has at least some black screen visible to paste to. After that, it is a piece of cake.

Will keep you posted if problems.



For something a little more complicated, I was able to cut and paste a more complex listing from this very site (Namir's Newton solver), save it as a text file, get it over to the tablet via Dropbox, import and paste it to go71b, run it flawlessly, and save it as a RAW file for further use.

I am finding that I cannot load RAWs to port 0 even if I use "free port(0)" to create IRAM there. I have to create IRAM in, say, port 1, load the RAW there, then copy it into main memory to run. Is this normal behaviour?

Definitely brand new to the 71B world...



Yes, this is normal behavior for go71b, I prefer not to 'touch' internal ram of the 71 too much. Iram1 is more isolated, so it is safer to import/export raw files.

This is a personal choice for the emulator.


Excellent. I have also discovered that port ram files from go71b can be virtually plugged into Emu71 (both the Garnier DOS and Giesselink Windows versions) as ROM and the programs in them transferred that way. Haven't gotten it to work the other way--i.e., write to an iramxx.bin file in DOS emu71 and import that to go71b. So I still want to work on extracting LIF RAWS from HDRIVE1.DAT and do it that way.

Fun fun fun...


I do not know too much about go71b, but my first try to connect would be Virtual IL. IMHO no HP71- and HP41-emulator is complete without it.


PS: just found that GO71B does have the HPIL in port 5. So the question is, if it "talks" with the a. m. 'Virtual HPIL loop' relying upon TCP/IP. If yes, you may connect two emulated HP71B, set one as listener and print to it from the controller.

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go71b still don't talk to virtual IL. It is something I want to do, but first I need to get one PIL box (I need to contact JF Garnier first). I have an HP71B with an IL module, so I could make some tests (but I need to find some cables)

But I need to find 'some' free time to do this stuff.


Sorry for JF, but for virtual HPIL you do not need a PIL box. Virtual-IL is _the_ link between virtual HPIL-devices, simulated or emulated does not matter. I use virtual IL with Emu71-Win as controller with a sniffer on VM/ESA (running under Hercules) talking with a virtual HP7470A I made up using ooREXX (the plotter here has no interface to virtual IL and mine is still missing the display, currently the IL-interface runs nice and I may write HPGL-files from Emu71). And I assume there are other virtual HPIL devices to come. ;)

Of cause, you may use a PIL box to bridge to real devices.


PS: if you find some free time, I'd need some too

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