HP-17bII+ emulator problem (TW?)


I don't know who is responsible for the 17bII+ emulator, maybe Tim Wessman?

There's a bug when calculating the interest rate I%YR in TVM mode:

The I%YR calculation doesn't work if executed with the mouse (on the I%YR menu button! It displays "CALCULATING..." for a fraction of a second and then immediately "INTERRUPTED".

You can try it with following example:

N=10, PV=1000, PMT=100, FV=-2200 and then click on [I%YR]

It only works with the mouse if I%YR already has the correct value, i.e. if you've previously entered I%YR, calculated any other TVM-value and the re-calculate I%YR again. But after changing any other value, this "INTERRUPTED" problem happens again when clicking on I%YR.

(BTW, the I%YR calculation with the function key <F2> works without problems)

My guess is that the I%YR routine continuously checks if you click on any button (with the mouse) to interrupt the iteration, and this check is done so early that the previous mouseclick (on the I%YR button for starting the calculation) is immediately interpreted as 'interruption'!?

If HP should ever think about releasing a new version of this 17bII+ emulator, maybe this bug could be fixed ... ;-)




I get I%YR=15.72 w the aforementioned values on my 17BII+ emulator (Adward).


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... on my 17BII+ emulator (Adward).

What is 'Adward'?

What I've described is on the 17bII+ PC-emulator.




I'm using the Kinpo 17bII+ emulator, adward is the designer.


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I'm using the Kinpo 17BII+ emulator, adward is the designer.

Ah, I see, you're using a quite old version from 2004 (HP17BII+ Calc Emu.exe).

Ok, I've just tried it with this ancient version, and this one works better. Not perfect, but this mouse problem does at least not happen _always_.

But most people certainly are using the newer emulator version from 2010.




I am unaware of a 2010 version. I thought I was using the latest 17bII+ emulator form the HP web site. Do you have the full file name for my edification? Thanks!



The latest version is here:


This link existed for a long time, but was removed a few months ago when HP updated all their emulators to new (free) versions.

But the 17bII+ emulator from this link still requires an activation code - if your old code (for the 2004 version) doesn't work, then just drop me an email.



Same result on go17bII I%YR=15.72

(hard stuff is to get the rom image, it is only a 17BII emulator, but at x25 speed, it is enough)

Edited: 23 June 2013, 9:58 a.m.

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