17BII Fail Message - Need help interpreting


I just bought a refurbished 17BII from Samson Cables which is giving me the following Fail Message towards the end of the self-test in which you step through the tests:

KBD 02501

followed by:

FAIL 00020

Has anyone ever seen this? Any help in decoding? The calculator seems to be working ok in spite of this - but I don't want a bum calculator.


At http://www.hpmuseum.org/features/17bf.htm there is information about autotesting a 17B - maybe it helps.


Once the KBD message appears, did you press each key in sequence? You start from the top left, press the 6 top row keys in order, left to right and repeat for each row below. If you press a key out of sequence or you have a bad key, you will see the message you describe.

The message of KBD 02501 indicates it is the "+" key that is faulty. If your "+" key works, you probably pressed the "+" key when the self test was expecting something else.

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