Some news,

- new go38c model

- cosmetic changes on some coconut, classic and spices models (nicer skins and leds).

- go71b now beeps (and some other saturn based, but not all, I need to investigate further.

- only standard beep (patched roms, it is too cpu costly to emulate OUT opcode as Christoph do in real time on android, and battery won't last long)

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I just turned on my HP Slate 7 and let it update the emulators The updated emulators look nicer and sharper. Thanks Olivier.



Thanks Olivier, the updates are great.
I really must compliment Olivier on his exceptional customer support. I have had a few problems on installation of his apps, and often within literally minutes of e-mailing him, he responds and very soon the problem is solved.
Really top class support. Thanks


[Request #0] I have several programs ROM cards images, I want a option to paste a picture of the templates on the image of the skin.


[Request #1] Read from the ROM, the serial as information

Spanish idea


Busquemos en la ROM nuestro número de Serial, ya mencioné que la ROM contiene ÿÿÿÿÿ...
Buscaremos la palabra "HP49 Serial Number", donde H será equivalente a 0804, P será equivalente a 0005, y así sucesivamente (comando S->H extendido).

1. Abrir WinHex y File-Open 1.19-6.ROM (o similar, en EmuGaak en .\Documents\Gaak.org\EmuGaak\ROM).
2. En WinHex, Search-FindHexValues, ingresar 08040005040309030002030505060207090601060C0600020E0405070D06020605060207 y OK.
3. En mi caso la búsqueda me manda al offset 108h, muy cerca al inicio del archivo ROM.

Veremos que luego de la cadena encontrada (ofsset 130h) existe 0F0F 0F0F 0F0F 0F0F, que no son nada más que ÿÿÿÿÿ.. o el caracter 255d. Modifique alguno de ellos si desea ver otra cosa al ejecutar SERIAL, pero en una versión de prueba para no alterar su ROM de emulación oficial.

4. Cierre cualquier programa en la PC que esté usando el archivo ROM, por ejemplo algún emulador.
5. En WinHex use el botón Save para guardar alguna modificación, en mi caso reemplacé los 0F0F0F0F... por 0704010601060B060E0203060F06000200020002.
6. Abrir EmuGaak HP49G 1.19-6 y al ejecutar SERIAL me devuelve:
"HP49 Serial Number: Gaak.co "

[Request #2]

Begin z80 (ti83) and Motorola68K (TI92/89/v200) emulation


[Request #3]

Effects on the LCD

TV Scanlines ~ Calculator LCD (pixels separated)

And Softened Display for example to better visualize of games

Normal Pixel LCD

Softened LCD

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Great!! One suggestion for go41c: would it be possible to add the shifted alpha characters to the keyboard layout?


Not strictly 'calculator', but go87 is now free on google play:

HP 87 hardware android emulator

  • include one quad HP9121 compatible disk unit (use RAW disc image)
  • ram from 64 KB upto 2 MB (if you need more, 16 MB is possible, 8 MB for basic, 8MB for electronic disc)
  • cpu speed from x1 upto x50 (now UCSD pascal is fast enough)
  • rom drawer support (some usefull roms included)
  • external keyboard support (physical or bluetooth)
  • best with a 1280x800 android device

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