HP-41 programs


I'm learning programming the 41 and it may be good for me to look a others programs to get some tips; do you know some good site presenting the listing of 41 programs?

I also have a 75c.. very different programming i think, is there also a site for that calculator?

I have inherit a HP-IL module with my 41; what can i plug on it - I saw the same plug on my 75c; i plug them together (41cx and a 75c) but i'm sure they don't "talk" the same lauguage and i can't make them to talk, it is probably normal... Just for the fun of doing it, can i get one to "feel" the other with a particular command on the 41 or the 75c? - Thanks to fulfill my curiosity...



have a look here and choose the subject you most like.

Hope this helps.



Normally the HP-71B is more powerful than the HP-75C or D for the link between HP-7X and HP-41 series.
You need a special BASIC program and LEX files (or ROM I/O). I have that pac somewhere.
On HP-71B you can use 2 BASIC programs coming from 41/71 Translator Pac.

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