Fibonacci Friday


As I was reviewing financial data from last week, I realized that last Friday (6/7/13 or 7/6/13 - depending on your continent) might be loosely called a Fibonacci day - i.e. the sum of the day and month added up to the last two digits of the year.

Then, I realized the real Fibonacci day for 2013 was a month ago: 5/8/13 (or 8/5/13), but alas not a Friday, so not alliterative. These numbers are from the real Fibonacci series (and best expressed, of course, if you are using a US-style date system!).

The next real Fibonacci day won't be until August 13, 2021 (with, of course, some pseudo-days like last Friday before then). After that, you have to wait until the next millennium for the next true Fibonacci day: Jan 1, 3002!


The next Fibonacci day is at least 5th of August 2013 (albeit not a Friday).

As a side note, in the US, PI is roughly equal to 3.41


My son's birthday and my wedding anniversary that day. It must be special :)

- Pauli

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