I can't stop. Please help !



I'm quite new to this hobby and learning RPN.

Beleive it or not I've been bitten by the monster HP calculators collecting bug
& ill with it for about a month now.

I have to stop before she will throw me on the street with those junks (as she calls it) ;-(

Someone has a crue ?

Great forum,




it's just for the first three-four months; then you get used to. No big deal...

Who do you call "she"? Wife? Girl-friend? Both in one person only?

If you cannot beat them, join them. Give her a new HP and promise her you'll stop collecting the day she can use the calculator completely (give her an HP49G). IF it happens, it's gonna be two of you instead of one. You'll both share the same illness.

Cheers. (my ex-wife loved to play Hunt the Wumpus in my HP41C).


I'm collecting old radios (big things) for years and now switched to HP calculators (small toys), 14 of them now.

Too much hein !

She = Lovely wife



Well, here's my story. I have been collecting HP's for a while and needed a way to show them off instead of storing them in a closet. My wife encouraged me to display them so we bought a display case in a resale consignment store. When I first saw the case I knew it was perfect, so I asked how much they wanted for it. The proprieter looked at me quizically and said " but it's empty!" I told her that I wanted to display old electronic calculators in it. At that point she probably thought I was looney and tried to tell me that the case was not for sale but I persisted. She contacted the owner and we struck a deal. I looks great with both HP and TI units in it but now it's full! Should I look for another case or stop collecting? My wife is now thinking that I've "lost it". Maybe if I pursue this she will have a "legitimate case" agaisnt me! Any thoughts?


The cure: take two HP35 red dots and call me in the morning ;)



If you have a "red dot" to offer...
I could not stop anymore &

should quit the forum then. Too much tentations up here!



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