Strange battery leak


A few days ago I received another old LED calculator. As usual, the first thing I did was to look at the battery pack... It had a few green crystals and a little clear liquid. Today I disassembled the calculator... And inside, there was quite a lot of the clear liquid. It has no smell whatsoever, and is totally clear - it doesn't stain the paper I used to pick it up. It was in many places, also far from the battery - especially on the card reader and on the plastic back shell.
The thing that surprised me most is that there is no corrosion at all, anywhere. Is this possible at all? Other leaks I've seen, caused lots of damage to the circuits. And this calculator has been sitting for like 20 years... what are the chances that the leak happened right now? :/

Now, I have disassembled and dried everything from that liquid. Should I just reassemble everything with a new battery, or is it better to give it a bath anyway to prevent corrosion in the future, if that liquid is indeed corrosive?

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