HP-9825A I/O


I have a 9825A, but do not have any of the I/O or Extended I/O ROMs.

Would I be able to use a 98026A serial interface of 98032A parallel interface without these ROMs? I know I wouldn't have the formatting abilities, but could I (for example) install the 98032A parallel interface, connect it to an old Epson printer, and just use "list #" to print program listings?

Failing that, does anyone have an I/O ROM for the 9825 they'd like to sell?


Hm. Never mind. My plotter ROM appears to have the standard and extended I/O ROMs built in as well. Never noticed that before.

Now we'll see if a 98032A will let me print to an old Epson LQ850. I am cautiously optimistic.


The 98036A serial I/O card will certainly work with the I/O ROM but you must have that ROM, as I see you do. I designed the card. The 98224A System Programming ROM extends the capabilities of the 98036A but it's not required for simple printing.



The 98224A looks interesting. I'll have to keep my eye out for one of those.

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