Prime competition on the scene!?


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Nope. If you'd ever used a classpad of any variety, you'd know why. The things are about 4x worse to operate and use then an nspire in my rather biased opinion. And I never thought anything could be more cumbersome than one of those. :-)


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I don't know if I would say the Classpad is MORE cumbersome than an Nspire.  I think they are in a similar cumbersome league.  Neither of them is really meant to be used as a practical "working" calculator (not to mention the lack of RPN/RPL).  At least you can select and tap on an entry directly on the Classpad with the stylus instead of having to slowly move a cursor over to them as on the Nspire. My wife bought me a used Classpad 330 for my birthday (she knows me too well) and I'm having a lot of fun with it.  I mean the manual is almost 1000 pages long!  A calculator with that size manual can't be all bad :)  

At least I am hoping it will tide me over until the Prime is released.



Personally, I just find that while both are rather cumbersome, at least the nspire is *consistently* cumbersome in the same way. The classpad seems to be cumersome in very inconsistent ways that constantly left me guessing what to do next. That is why I ranked it like I did. :-)


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Consistently cumbersome describes the nspire perfectly.

The nspire is why I now own a 50g.

To be honest, TI stuff has been crap since they stopped selling the TI85.


Personally, the TI-85 family (TI-85 and TI-86) and the TI-89 were well designed. As the the TI-85 family went out of production about 10 years ago, the HP-39gII can fill up the gap with a much faster speed. There are three generations of the TI-Nspire family but none of them are simple enough for practical use.


The classpad seems to be cumbersome in very inconsistent ways that constantly left me guessing what to do next.

I assumed it was just me that found it confusing on how to carry out different operations :)

Consistently cumbersome vs inconsistently cumbersome. What a choice! There is a definite lesson in there somewhere.....

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