HP 41CX Self Test???


Is there a self test key sequence for the HP 41CX? Thanks,



I think you will need the Service Module for that operation.


I've never seen a "service" module, what is it?




there is no "built-in" test for the HP41C series (C/CV/CX). Otherwise, a Service Module exists for the HP41 and was internally used by Hewlett-Packard (repair center). This module allows a series of tests to be performed in the HP4'1 it is connectec to.

I cannot say anything about availability, but some guys own some of these Service Modules.

Is there anything in particular you need so you are looking for self-tests in the hP41?



Sorry to correct you, Luiz, there are two Service ROMs in minimum. Had to learn recently that there was an other for the HP-41CX.

If you have the HW (Quasi-ROM, RAM that looks like ROM for the HP-41, W&W-RAMBOX for example) you may download the Service ROM and test your calculator. Or an HP-41 emulator if it allows to add ROMs. :-)



Hi, Mike;

Thank you. New info is always welcome. When you wrote "Sorry to correct you, Luiz, (...)" I thought I posted wrong information.



If you have a PPC Rom you can do a display test of sorts. Program 'DT' lights up most all of the segments of the display. However, the ROM doesn't have any other type of diagnostic routines.

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