Update of Emu48 to v1.55


Emu48 v1.55 is available at http://hp.giesselink.com.

For most users this update may not be a big deal, but for me as developer of the Emu series this an important update. Sound support without ROM patch was a dream for me for many years. The basic for this were made two years ago introducing the HP82240B printer simulation interface in Emu42. A first implementation of the new sound engine was made for Emu71 in March this year. Meanwhile all of my distributed calculator emulators contain this new sound engine.

Changes to v1.55:

  • native sound support (true emulation) over the OUT=C opcode
  • removed PC speaker support
  • minor "Find" additions in the debugger "Code" and "Memory" window

To activate the sound emulation you must remove all ROM beep patches please. The binary package contain new beep patch files for all models with disabled beep patch line. So removing the patch line from the KML scripts isn't necessary. The file beep.ext isn't supported any more. I strongly suggest to delete the file "beep.ext" from yor Emu48 directory and replace each KML reference to this file with "beep.48". I made this for my installation years ago. But you may think in background that 3rd KML files may contain other beep patch file includes which I don't know.

On old HP49G ROM images "ROM.49G" the beep patch maybe become permanent (Self Test 7: FullROM fail with "Object with bad CRC Bank 1") in past. You may replace the ROM file with a non patched ROM file and loosing your Port2 content or update your current "ROM.49G" ROM file with a .flash file of the same version with the UPD49ROM tool.

Dependant when you created Emu48 state files you have to perform a warmstart <ON>+<SK3> on the emulated calculator to initialize the CSPEED calculator RAM variable to a reasonable clock speed value.




Testing ...



Emu48+ to v1.55 when? and option for real LCD simulation (grid)

Edited: 21 May 2013, 9:30 p.m.


I installed v1.55 and dropped 50g kmls into "C:\Program Files\HP-Emulators\Emu48"
I got those KMLs from http://www.hpcalc.org/hp49/pc/emulators/, they are "Eric's Portable 50g", "Grokwik's Real 50g 1.0", anything with 50g.
The 50g calculators do not even show up in the "Current KML script" dropdown. I do not see what is difference between those KMLs and those KML in the directory tahd do show up in the list.

I remember using them before but it was a long time ago and on a different machine. In case those KMLs are no longer compatible with current EMU48, can anybody recommend 50g KML?


The problem with these 2 KML files are the following 2 lines:

	Model  "Q"
Class 50
If I remember correctly Emu48 doesn't emulate the HP-50, it works only for HP-48 and HP-49, and their KML lines are Model "G" or Model "X" (without 'Class').

For the HP-50 emulation you need Emu48+ which accepts the 2 lines mentioned above.



Ok, thank you.
I uninstalled 1.55, installed 1.53 and on top of it I put 1.52+ service pack.
After that the KMLs worked.

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