HP Prime available?


Rekenwinkel claims to have it in stock:


I just ordered one. I'll keep you all informed.


I hope they fixed the formatting of the exponents :)


I have no concern about this. It seems very easy to correct this bug.
Also remind it's "simulated images", and may be the problem is here

Not a bug but I also hope that the powers ( ² ) will be some pixels lower. They are too high here

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Yeah, well, it would be easy to correct the PSE bug in the 15C Limited Edition, too, but we haven't seen that fix yet (and probably never will).


There was a PDF with screenshots, rather than marketing-generated images, from the Prime, and that had the exponents aligned correctly, horizontally. (Still a few pixels too high, though.)


I think you'll find out they don't have it soon.

Others are saying it will be available in October.

Will it be available in the US sooner? I am currently in the US and would like to bring one back home with me.


Is the HP39gII officially available in the US yet? Just curious. I can't find it for sale on HP's US website.


I don't know but imo keep your money and wait the Prime .
It's perhaps twice the price but +oo capaticty and ergonomy ;)




Rekenwinkel just responded me that they would have the Prime available in September. So it is *not* in stock.


It is not in stock, just preorder.


OK so I have to stay patient...

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