Poll: SandMath and 41Z Overlays anyone?


The ideal complement to your CL or Clonix/Nov setup!

Here´s a poll/petition for a production run of SandMath and 44Z overlays. I'm thinking that amongst all interested we'll reach critical mass to make it worthwhile for Eric Rechlin or another contact with the capability to produce them.

So if you're interested reply to this poll with the number of overlays you want for you and your friends :-)

I have no idea of the prices, say not to exceed $10 each. Is that unreasonable?

I'd start the poll with

10 of each

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One of each probably.

- Pauli


8 of each.


One of each for me, although depending on the price, I would take two of each.


7 of each for me


I would even say that with a clever arrangement, there could be a possibility of ordering standard overlays from a pool. HP41CL owners may want to order the whole set of, say, 10 to 20 different modules. I for one would like to order:

Time module;


Financial pac;


Plotter module;

And no more since I have the overlays already.


Depending of the price between 3 to 5 of each.


One of each.


2 to 3 of each, depending on final pricing


Hi Ángel, all,

I'd also take one of each, and would like to know about the materials, printing/cutting process, and estimated price range.

If there are possibilities (as pointed by Jose) to order different overlays I'd also go for the Service modules 1C & 2A.

Cheers from Dominican Republic.



Hi Ángel, all,

I'd also take one of each, and would like to know about the materials, printing/cutting process, and estimated price range.

If there are possibilities (as pointed by Jose) to order different overlays I'd also go for the Service modules 1C & 2A.

Cheers from Dominican Republic.


Hi Angel, all,
like Diego: one of each + services modules + time maybe

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One of each.


I'd take 1 of each, for OEM quality overlays that fit properly. :)


Partial tally so far:

41 of each

Nice number but will this be large enough to tip the scale and convince / make it worthwhile for Erich?


ok, I got the message ... ;-)

I modify my order to a firm 10 of each.



I would buy 2 of each, and if available 2 for Service Modules 1C & 2A.


If you do a run I'd be happy to take some to offer as a bundle with my remaining CL boards.

I don't know how much setup is involved, but once the template and font is set, it might not be that difficult to do a "print-on-demand" type of deal with any type of overlay. It would just be a matter of creating the different templates. (I'm obviously speaking out of ignorance, and Eric would have to decide if the economics made such an operation cost-effective.) There are a number of templates that I would like to have available.


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Hi again,

I'd include those for CDD, ZEPROM, HEPAX (HEXEDIT), David Assembler...

Sure you'll have a wish list of your own... :-)



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I think a this point, as from the title, that maybe should be reasonable to create complete sets for the CL users, including all the overlaies

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Maybe so but the question is (or the questions are): how/who? So far no one has chimed in with some contacts or possible solutions, afraid we're not on Eric's radar either.

What's the more difficult part, printing or cutting them? Could blank overlays be used just printing on them - even if difficult to adjust (likely impossible) the cutting is already done.

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Angel I thought it was more difficult to cut them till a few days ago, when I tried the overlay generator and I found that it's not so easy even to print it , better to say to create it, thera re still limits in the choice of the fonts and the size of the writing...
I tried for example to reproduce a copy of the first service module, but the result is not satisfying, at all.
I think the job could be better done with photoshop technics and require at leat a little skill in photo or image editing.

Back to the question, how many of the people who owns a CL should be interested in a complete set of overlay?

I could say: "all", it depends on the price.........

of course, but I think that almost the people who choosed to buy a CL or the ones who own at least one of the Diego's marvel, will appreciate to get the possibility to enjoy all the modules and if they haven't (as I can assume) all the originals and the related overlays, this is the chance to get it!

Even for the ones who like just to enjoy the emulators, I think a complete set overlays should be a must, so that I think that the first step (reproducing the original in a properly scaled jpg, bmp or usable such extension) should be appreciated by all, here like on the Warren's site.

PS; about the cut of the overlay I read here the link to a cutter, a special cutter...I've just to find out it..in the archives

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