RPN-67 Pro updated


I've just updated RPN-67 Pro, the HP-67 emulator for iPad, to version 1.1.1. This version fixes an issue where updating from version 1.0 required a re-installation of the app. It also adds a few new features. I'm also happy to announce that the number of HP-67 programs available for free download (cuveesoft.ch/rpn67) is nearing the 300 mark. There's a free version of RPN-67 Pro (RPN-67 Free) which comes with a single program card and which lacks programmability.


Thank you. I just updated mine and am pleased to report that it works fine and all of my programs are still there. :)


Instead of spending time watching the beautiful Lake Geneva sites outside my hotel in Lausanne, I sat early this morning to download and install most of the Game, Math, and Stat Pac programs. It took a bit of tinkering to get the first two programs loaded. I then loaded the single-card programs first and then focused on the multi-card programs.

Thank you soooooooooooo much for these programs. It is fun to play with a cool looking HP-67 emulator and with HP's Pacs.

Cheers to your programs and beautiful country!


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I must congratulate you for a fantastic job with your HP-67 emulator, the HP-67 Pacs and solution applications. The documentation associated with all of these programs is first class and a true labor of love. Your site's pictures speak of a glory that the HP-67 enjoyed many decades ago. Looking at all that work makes want to travel back in time and buy an HP-67.

Your work is simply OUTSTANDING!


PS: Any plan for an HP-65 emulator?

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Thank you for your nice comments.

An HP-65 emulator? For the time being, I don't think so. 1) I don't own an HP-65 anymore (sold it in 1976...). 2) My resources are somewhat limited. Seven apps in the App Store keep me pretty busy ;-)



I agree that it makes little sense to create an emulator for the HP 65, given the vast superiority of the HP 67 and that fact that it includes printer support and compatibility with the HP 41C. The only appeal to the HP 65 is that it was the first of its kind, just like the HP 35 was the first of its kind, but the HP 45 was really a much better product.


Just got home from travels. The update works great. I think this is about the finest RPN emulator out there!


updated RPN-67 Pro, the HP-67 emulator for iPad

Alas for iPad *only*



As opposed to "for iPad and iPhone", or as opposed to "for iOS and Android tablets"?


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