constructing .PDF's


i have some HP advertisements, and other docs that i would
like to post for download, or transfer via email; the question is, i usually scan and make .jpg's, and keep them
fairly large to keep the detail (especially when i'm doing
manuals w/ schematics, etc); my question is, how to make
.pdf files - i am aware that Adobe has the .PDF Writer on
their software (about $149.00?); is there some way to get
around purchasing the software, and constructing .pdf files?
i can scan and choose .pdf files, but then each one is an
individual .pdf file, not like the files i download from the
web in which a document (consisting of multiple pages) is in
the form of a pdf w/ all its attributes. when i have an
advertisement like some early HP calc items the .jpg files
get large, and if the ad has 8 or 10 pages, my 56K dial-up
makes transferring somewhat timely - i would like to cut down this transfer time - does a .pdf doc actually cut down
the size of the doc? any help out there, i have some early
HP ads that i'm sure many here would enjoy! any info & input would be greatly appreciated! when scanning pages to
make a .pdf file what format is each page in? i obviously
wish to keep the pages from the HP ads that are in color in
their same colorful scheme! the .pdf's i download are all
b&w, and i'm figuring this is how they keep the transfer down by scanning B&W format.
carson city, nv
PS: i'm using a late model HP scanner.


There is free pdf at

Installation is not simple, but it works.


I use pdf995 - it's an ad-supported pdf maker that uses PS scripts, but should work on any windows system. You should be able to find it at

--Tony David


Unfortunately, making pdf's will not save you any space. In fact, for normal text, the pdf's are BIGGER than the original text. For images, you still need to carry all the image information (the jpg files are already compressed with a lossy mechanism - if you want to retain full fidelity, you need to use some other (larger!) format. I prefer PC Paintbrush files.), so the pdf's are not going to be smaller.

If you happen to have academic status (i.e. are a student or teacher), you can get the full Adobe Acrobat program at a quite reasonable price (about $60, compared to >$200 retail, even at discount) fomr various academic resellers. (Look for "academic discount software" with your favorite search engine.) Once installed, you make pdf's by "printing" to the acrobat program.

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