Question For Angel - SandMath 2x2


Hi Angel
I need some help/clarification on loading the pages/banks of the SandMath 2x2 Rom.
I intend loading this into the 41CL flash at address 0x0E0000.
I extracted the Rom images from the Mod file, which resulted in:

3 outside Page(UC).ROM
4 outside Page(MC).ROM

I intend to load in this order:

1 Flash addr 0E0 - sndmth 2x2
2 Flash addr 0E1 - outside Page (UC)
3 Leave two pages blank
4 Flash addr 0E4 - HL MATH+
5 Flash addr 0E5 - outside Page (MC)

I will update the IMDB image with "SM9K" being type 4. Does this look correct?
I would appreciate your help and comments.
Thanks John


Greetings John, I'm not 100% sure but I believe that to use the 32k-module facility within the CL, whereby the locations for the different ROM blocks must start at the beggining of the sector, and must't straddle across sectors.

Thus starting at 0x0E0 may not be a good idea? Or maybe this doesn't matter, but I can't say for sure..

Otherwise you're following the correct pattern, leaving two blank blocks in between the lower and upper pages (each of them having two banks).

The other think is you don't want to inadvertenly swap the second banks for each page, and with those descriptions is hard to say which one is which. To be sure I'd first use a copy in RAM and plug it from there - this will guarantee you've got them nailed.

I can also email you the updated ROMs wit a "proper" description to be on the safe side, let me know.

PS. I've called mine "4SM4" in the IMDB, as I believe that's the "official" id for this module. Monte's last batch will have it loaded at addresses 0x148, 0x149, 0x14C, and 0x14D.


Edited: 13 May 2013, 4:45 a.m.


Hi Angel, thanks for the quick reply.
Correct me if I am wrong, but addr 0x0E0 (flash) is the start of a sector. Anyhow, maybe I will place the Rom at the address Monte has used.
Yes I was also confused with the naming of the 4 pages as generated by the Mod utility, hence my question.
I would really appreciate you sending me the updated roms with the proper description.
Thanks John


you´ve got mail...


Hi Angel. Thanks, I really appreciate your help.
I use and enjoy all your modules and appreciate all your efforts to keep this venerable calculator an indispensable tool.
Thanks again. John


There are no restrictions on where any image can start, only on the relative placement of the pages within the image.


Thanks Monte. As I get to understand the 41Cl better,the more I love this calculator.
Thanks again. John.

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