HP lucky dip


So who's keen on buying this HP? eBay item 330921548981. No description, no photos, $249 starting price, $400 buy-it-now. Perhaps they are trying to get attention? Very strange. Maybe we should see who can guess what it is?


About the only way to sell a quickcalc :-)

- Pauli


Haha - yes Pauli I think you might be right!


Just went to have a look. Description and photos appear for me. I guess the seller just had an initial glitch uploading everything.


I checked and actually there 's a descrption, give it a look now, thanks

"HP 48GX Engineering Graphic Graphing Calculator w/ Case 128k *MINT*"



OK, looks like the description has been updated. When it was first listed it was just titled "HP calculator". No photos and in the description it just said "(1) calculator". There is just no mystique anymore ...


Real time concept on TOS, ciao.

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